Great Highland Bagpipes


The following examples of piping were recorded in May 2008 at a live performance in Brisbane, Australia using a mini disc recorder.

The piper is Tam McGirr who was playing a McLaren synthetic reed in a Peter Henderson ABW chanter.
The reed was approximately #18 strength.

Sound files #2 - #6 represent a shortened version of a 12-minute medley of slow and fast tunes.


Tam McGirr 1

Tam McGirr 2

Tam McGirr 3





Tam McGirr 4

Tam McGirr 5

Tam McGirr 6


Border Pipes


The following examples were recorded at Malcolm McLaren's residence in Brisbane, October 2009.

Malcolm is demonstrating his synthetic chanter reed in a set of border pipes of his own making.

The reed is made to play at a much lower pressure.


Border Pipes 1

Border Pipes 2

Border Pipes 3