This video was recorded at Malcolm McLaren's residence in Brisbane. The pipes are played by Cory Dale. The chanter is a Naill made of African blackwood.

Concerning the reed, Cory Dale writes -

The McLaren Synthetic Chanter Reed is the culmination of 15 years' research and development by Malcolm McLaren of Brisbane, Australia. It represents a monumental leap in piping technology, finally offering an alternative to cane chanter reeds without sacrificing tone and volume. In my humble opinion these reeds are by far the best of the synthetic chanter reeds available to date. They have been played by many pipers ( some "A" grade ) in solo competitions and demonstrations here (and overseas ) and have not been picked as a plastic reed, as the tone is so close to that of a traditional cane reed, only the most well trained ear can pick it. They offer stability and reliability in tone and tuning..... as you can see, even dunking it in water will not change it. This reed is the ultimate for those who play at weddings and funerals as it does not change in pitch. It also offers great volume for pressure and is available in strengths from 13 (really easy) -20 (hard) the reed played was a "medium " of 17.